De top 100 beste, grappigste, leukste, humor youtube videos en films. Alle soorten categorieën en thema’s grappige videos het meest populair op youtube. De vetse grappppppiste videos verzameld. Lach je krom, ontdek en geniet van de leukste videos. Youtube videos van 100 naar 49. De top 50 t/m nummer 1 beste youtube videos vindt je hier (nog een extra overzicht met grappige videos). Maar de Top 100 grappigste Youtube videos direct te bekijken. Veel plezier en lach je rot (have fun). We beginnen bij nr 100 beste video en gaan dan langzaam (aftellen) naar nr 1.


De top 100 grappigste Youtube videos (overzicht en ranglijst):

100. Ferrets Will Steal Anything-|
If your not aware of Ferret behavior, you will be after this video. They are instinctual thieves that will steal anything and everything you own and stash it away in a little ‘den. They think the behavior comes from when they were trained and used as tiny thieves by pirates and vikings and this habit just kind of stayed with them over time. Plus its fun to watch an animal steal something that’s 6x its size.

99. Prank Karma-

Payback can be a real bitch sometimes.

The magic of Troll 2. Acting has never looked so painful.

97. The Infamous Shark Attack Romantic Line-
Words have never been so eloquent coming from John Barrowman.

96. The Most Embarrassing Rescue Mission In History.

In case you didn’t read the title of the video, this man is moaning after he got his ‘junk’ stuck in one of the steel bench holes he
was attempting to sodomize.

95. Garbage Day!

94. Say It Like You Mean It-

If this man didn’t get an Oscar for this performance, he was robbed.

93. When Crazy Comes Together At An Awards Ceremony

This little skit came directly after Christian Bale and Joaquin Phoenix (ok well Joaquin’s stunt turned out to be a joke but still..) completely lost their shit. Whoever thought of this was a GENIUS!

92. Boxing Kitteh!
They will mess you up!

91. Leaving On A Jet Plane (Armageddon)

About 37 seconds in this becomes EPIC.

90. Titanic in 5 seconds-

See…now I just saved you 3+ hours.

89. Drunk Happens-

You will note while watching this man dress, that something is amiss. He’s in fact attempting to wear his pants as a shirt.

88. There Will Be A Deduction For That (Gymnast fail)

Yes, the announcer does say that after he witnesses a man launching himself into the judges table.

87. Pugs Of Epic Cuteness-

This is a 3 part bit. It was just too adorable not to include the other two videos.

86. Best Drunk Prank Ever-

Now THIS is how you prank someone.

85. The David Caruso School Of Acting-

If you enjoy making fun of CSI:Miami (and seriously who doesn’t?) this little Canadian tribute to the iconic “actor” will have you in stitches.

84. Best Death Scene Ever

Seriously what can you do?

83. The 2am Worm-

Yes that’s it. Blame it on the….”worm”

82. Slide Fail

Its a caterpillar but it actually looks like….something else.

81. Cat Fails At Life


80. A True Scene Stealer-

I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

79. Innuendo: Your Doing It Wrong-

Just wait for the last lines, I promise its worth it.

78. Did They Really Just Put That In A Kids Cartoon?

First time in history a reference has been made to sexually “finger” a celebrity in a children’s cartoon.

77. Your Local BP station.

BP in space: we should all fear for our lives.

76. Night Of The Lepus- When Bunnies Attack!
Yes this is a horror film someone actually made.

75. Gun Safety Lesson Gone Horribly WRONG.

Lets take a moment to savor the “I’m the only one in this room professional enough to handle this gun”

74. Drunk Guy Fights With A Tree

The jury’s still out on who actually won the fight.

73. When Kitties Have A Conversation-

If only there was a translation available…

72. iPhone4 vs. HTC


71. Keanu Reeves In Dracula
Keanu Reeves and British accents should be barred from ever being aloud in a film ever, ever, again. “BYUUUUUUDAPEST”

70. Jesus Is My Friend

From a seemingly harmless Religious song: “Once I tried to run, I tried to run and hide, But Jesus came and found me, And he touched me down inside” that little nugget chimes in at 1:42.

69. Worlds Best Driving-

68. Mr. Freeze Is A Badass

Behold the fuzzy slippers of true evil.

67. I Kill People (Jon Lajoie)

MC Vagina’s strikes back. “OLD PEOPLE BURNING”

66. Best Pizza Delivery Ever-

He should get a raise.

65. Movie Dubbing Fail-

This is possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed in Asian cinema.

64. Kayak Fail-

This device is not a submarine. It doesn’t work that way.

63. A Team Building Exercise Fail-

62. Attack Of The Beast Creatures-

I have no idea what is going on here, just that its awesome.

61. Tired Kitteh

He’s going, going, GONE!!

60. Spray On Hair

This was an actual product at one point in history.

59. Dick Slang-

This may be inappropriate for some.

58. Pole Vault Fail


57. Cat Vs. Printer

Who hasn’t felt like this at some point?

56. Jon Stewart’s Glenn Beck Parody
Wait for the ending reveal. The conspiracy will blow your mind. *Politically subjective*

55. Reporter fail

I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a “black c*ck helicopter”

54. An 80’s Movie That Out Does Itself In Stupidity

What. The. Hell. Did I just watch?

53. Taser Fail

Take it like a man.

52. When I Crazy Person Is Allowed On Public Access-


51. Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette’s

I’d like to think both political parties can laugh at Beck’s stupidity. *Politically subjective*

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