De top 100 grappigste Google Streetview fotos. Opnames gemaakt door google over de gehele wereld voor het vastleggen van alle wegen, straten etc. Op het moment dat google door de straten reed zijn er zeer grappige foto’s online gekomen. Bijvoorbeeld deze:
streeview top 100

Google gaat nu ook de smallere / kleinere plekken filmen met dit apparaat:

Hierbij de Top 100 beste Google Streetview fotos:

  1. Google StreetView kills Bambi
  2. Snorkelers chasing google away!
  3. The Stig driving gokart at Legoland
  4. Kid wipes out on bike
  5. God’s pliers
  6. Help! The car is eating me!
  7. Bicycle accident in Copenhagen
  8. What the… have you done to my car?
  9. Horseboy with schoolgirl
  10. StreetView car driving with racing cars
  11. Lars and the real girl
  12. The Last Samurais
  13. Doing it down under
  14. How accidents happen
  15. Dog versus woman
  16. We’re just… uhm
  17. So, where’s the reverse then?
  18. Google Van runs over street barricade
  19. Girls behind the fence
  20. I love StreetView
  21. Sun bathing girls in a park
  22. F*** you Google!
  23. Nice view from above
  24. Is it hot?
  25. Yes, right there
  26. Had too much to drink?
  27. Small top
  28. Camel toe
  29. Google finds a UFO
  30. Everybody wants a photo of this
  31. Google gets flashed!
  32. Sexy girl with too short top
  33. Timber Creek High School Cheer Leaders
  34. Nice view
  35. What is she doing?
  36. Anyone want a burger while the grill’s hot?
  37. StreetView car changes tyres
  38. Tanning
  39. Where’s the beach?
  40. Transforming Building
  41. Back in the car
  42. A normal home in Holland?
  43. Fire in the house
  44. Bikini car wash
  45. Fun exercise
  46. This view is a real privilege
  47. What is this man doing?
  48. Not a Supernanny
  49. Boy eats it on his razor
  50. Falling on rollerblades
  51. Got something down there?
  52. Oversize load
  53. Just cleaning up
  54. Need a belt?
  55. Don’t worry, nobody can see you
  56. Toy
  57. Amazing interactive streetview type video
  58. Paddington bear waving to Google
  59. Upside down
  60. Wallace & Gromit
  61. Dressed for StreetView success
  62. Accident
  63. A message to Google
  64. Chicago kid
  65. Hey, hands off please
  66. Lightning strikes…
  67. Hot italian girl
  68. Bikini girls in New York
  69. Rules are made to be broken
  70. Serious bug on Google StreetView
  71. About to get it on in public?
  72. Paris Park Promenador
  73. Falling
  74. What about blurring?
  75. Mugging solved thanks to StreetView
  76. Google car stopped by the police
  77. Public shower
  78. Nice car
  79. Nun in bikini?
  80. Luckily nobody can see you
  81. The lady in red
  82. Down & Out
  83. Google Street View can be scary
  84. Changing seasons
  85. Pretty
  86. Traffic cone hat
  87. Smallest car ever
  88. Japanese bird
  89. Green or red?
  90. Hire a specialist
  91. Tiny car
  92. Bee hive man!
  93. Busted on Google
  94. Skinny dipping in the fountain
  95. Google makes fun of TNT
  96. Love is in the air
  97. Stuck
  98. Garfield’s van
  99. Google StreetView takes amazing bird photo
  100. Kids smoking

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