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50. Treadmill Fails Are Always Entertaining-

49. Your Worst Nightmare-

Gary Busey style.

48.White Boy’s Got Some Serious Dance Moves-

Possibly the best dancing I’ve seen in a movie….ever!

47. Sleepy Fail

46.Worst Fight Scene Ever

Try not to laugh around 1:15 when the boulder is thrown.

45. Miss Teen USA Makes The Countries IQ Drop

I feel dumber just from having listened to it.

44. Animated Interpretation Of Miss Teen USA

Remember #45 above? Here is a clever little guide to help translate that what is to be considered one of the lowest points in the American Education system.

43. Conspiracy Fail

I think she failed science class.

42. Snake Carnage Van Damme Style-
If you’ve never seen someone punch an angry (fake) snake in the face, you will after watching this clip.

41. Baby Your A Firework-

40. Parking Break Fail

Human error at its finest.

39. Roid Rage and Dookie-

38. There Will Be Milkshake

He drinks it up!

37. Shark Attack 3: Megalodon-

Peter Jackson’s special effects are no match for the masterpiece that is this film.

36. The Ultimate Drunk Compilation

Every school should show this instead of those lame anti-drinking videos. This will scare a kid enough to never drink again.

35. Men In Tights- Tiiiiiight tights-

Its just classic.

34. Bird vs. Turtle

33.The Theater Scene In Scary Movie

Its like every bad stereotype rolled up in one hilarious scene.

32. Attack Of The Killer…Box Turtle

Proof that Ninja turtles do exist.

31. Hastily Made Cleveland Video-

30. Getting Physical The Wrong Way-

29. Unfortunate Toy Fails

Oh….Disney. You didn’t think these through!

28. I’m On ABoat-

Everyone should know this one by now, doesn’t mean it deserves to be left off the list.

27. Border Patrol Fail-

I swear this happened in a Jim Carrey movie once.

26. Koala DOOM-

25. Not The Kind Of Dolphin Encounter She Was expecting-

24. Fainting Goats

Evolution that went retarded.

23. Ostrich Race Gone Retarded-

Pay attention to the one that just starts randomly spinning in circles.

22. Dick In A Box-
Total classic!

21. Best Movie Moment Ever-

I’m sure this happens all the time.

20. The Wicker Man Best Scenes

A collection of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) from one of the worst horror movies in recent time. Plus there is Nicolas Cage punching a woman in a bear suit.

19. Nicolas Cage’s Agent

I thought would be appropriate to place directly under The Wicker Man. I need that Space Ass poster.

18. The Joker vs. Batman Deleted interrogation scene

Yep, that’s one guy playing both parts.

17. Zoo Escape Rehearsals In Japan-

Its worth noting that they take this completely SERIOUSLY. Its a training exercise performed once a year to rehearse if an animal actually escaped.

16. Quicksand Fail-
One of the militaries proudest moments.

15.Controlling The Spread Of Slut-

Too Hilarious.

14. Old Lady Win

She will have her revenge!

13. Ostrich Attack Of Hilarity

I think they were plotting against him.

12. The Comedy Trailer To The Wicker Man

Yeah, you remember the unintentional hilarity of #20? well someone went and made it even better. Pure genius.

11.Taking Food Aggression To A Whole New Level-

10. Laying Pipe
Furniture humping has never been so hilarious.

9. Arnold Gets A Even More Hilarious Accent-

Yes, at one point this was going to be included in Terminator.

8. Maru: The Greatest Cat Ever-

7. Show Me Your Genitals (Jon Lajoie)

Oh yeah! An MC Vagina’s original.

6. One Of These Things Does Not Belong With The Others-
The force was indeed with him.

5. Mac & Me LOLZ

Eveything about this movie is unintentionally hilarious. From crippled kids rolling themselves off cliffs- to aliens that look like human scrotums roaming through grocery stores nekkid. ET must’ve been sitting in the movie theater laughing his ass off at this.

4. Sea World Gone Wrong-

Shamu The Whale Finally Gets His Revenge

3. Spiders On Drugs-

It gets better as it goes BELIEVE ME!

2. Insane Japanese Penii-dance

Japan you’ve outdone yourselves with this one. **WARNING** There is some butt nudity in this one. Its age restricted for a reason.

1. A Few Good Men Gone 100% WRONG!

This needs no explanation.

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